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Empowering the vulnerable, helping them find their voice and give them a choice.

What is STORM?

STORM is a not-for-profit charity that sets out to counter and raise awareness of sexual abuse and exploitation in communities nationally and internationally through the rapid training of the Krav Maga self defence system.

STORM exists to train, establish and support these communities in the use of Krav Maga for the purpose of combating sexual assault or indeed actions that subvert the choices of the vulnerable.

with this confidence the girls will start denouncing their exploitationPramesh Pradan

India Lucknow

Astha Kiran’s Sonia Singh, in Lucknow, hosted STORM’s first trip to India. 
Having never made a trip like this before, the expectations were low and nerves, riding high.

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India Patna

The city of Patna was visited the second time the STORM team travelled to India. We were hosted and guided by Pastor Sanjit Pani, who not only worked with our team to show us and connect us to as many places and people as he could, but also gave us a place to stay with his family in their home.

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About STORM Training

STORM is in the early stages of becoming a registered charity. Currently standing as a CASC, a Community Action Sports Club. Founded in Cornwall, STORM also provide teaching close to home, taking lessons, talks, workshops and demonstrations into schools and colleges.

We teach because how can you not, when you know what is needed. The image of the hand holding a water pipe and shutting off the water to a young dying of thirst child comes to mined. You can’t deny someone a life skill when the skill itself is teaching how to live.

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